Open-access model: From Volume 28 onward, gold open access, that is, contributions are immediately and freely available from the publisher, without charge to the user or her/his institution, and article-processing charges are paid by the author. Open access also applies to all earlier content (Volumes 1 - 27).

Licensing: From Volume 28 onward, all contributions are published under the Creative Commons (CC) license CC BY 4.0. CC licenses link to recognized international regulations and allow the author of a work to indicate how that work can be used by others. CC BY 4.0 means that users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute in any medium or format, print, search, and link to the full texts of the articles, as well as to remix, transform, and build upon, or use the articles for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author, as long as appropriate credit and a link to the license are given and any change made is indicated.

Copyright: From Volume 28 onward, the copyright of all contributions remains entirely with the authors. This regulation is the most author-friendly one, best suiting the CC BY 4.0 license. This change in our policy does not bear on the regulation for the contributions in Volumes 1 - 27, under which the authors transferred the copyright to the publisher, the Austrian Society of Entomofaunistics.

Article-processing charge: To cover the costs of journal production, website programming and maintenance, and archiving, we charge 700 EUR per article (our publisher is freed from VAT); all editorial work is done in an honorary capacity. To facilitate that all authors can continue to publish in Myrmecological News irrespective of their economic circumstances, we warrant reductions (to 500 or 250 EUR) and exemptions from article-processing charges in well-justified cases. Please note that potential reduction/exemption has to be arranged upon initial submission of manuscript; not requesting reduction/exemption as an author at the stage of initial submission means agreeing to paying 700 EUR. Also, we ask authors to understand that we are not able to reduce the fee for all manuscripts, that is, every reduction should be based on very good reasoning. Invited contributions such as review articles, book reviews, and obituaries incur no article-processing charge (please feel free any time to contact us with suggestions of such contributions to be submitted).

Payment details: After acceptance of a contribution for publication, a pro-forma invoice in .pdf format is sent to the contact author; payment is due before publication; we accept bank transfers and PayPal payments; authors must take care that any transfer charge is covered by them.