Abstract: Fourteen exotic ant species are reported from the Balearic Islands (almost a quarter of the Balearic ant fauna). We con firm the rapid expansion of the Argentine ant, Linepithema humile, and, to a lesser extent, Cardiocondyla mauritanica on the islands, in what seems to be one of the few cases of a surface foraging ant species in coexistence with the Argentine ant in its expansion. Six species are new to the Balearic fauna (Cardiocondyla mauritanica, Paratrechina vividula, P. jaegerskioeldi, P. longicornis, Pyramica membranifera, and Tetramorium caldarium) and another one is new to the Mediterranean area (Monomorium exiguum). The unknown male of Pheidole teneriffana is here described. In the Ba learic Islands, exotics are usually limited to sites under anthropogenic influence.