Abstract: We present a critical list of ant species of Kyrgyzstan based on current literature, taxonomic changes and the unpublished record of scientific expeditions of German-Kyrgyz teams. A total of 106 species and subspecies of Formicidae are now known to occur in Kyrgyzstan. Twelve species are new to Kyrgyzstan: Crematogaster bogojawlenskii Ruzsky, 1905, Formica clara Forel, 1886, Formica cunicularia Latreille, 1798, Formica cf. frontalis Santschi, 1919, Formica cf. lemani Bondroit, 1917, Lasius uzbeki Seifert, 1992, Lepisiota semenovi (Ruzsky, 1905), Messor excursionis Ruzsky, 1905, Plagiolepis taurica Santschi, 1920, Strongylognathus minutus Radchenko, 1991, Temnothorax melleus (Forel, 1904), and Tetramorium armatum Santschi, 1927.