Abstract: Updated list of the ants of Morocco (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). – The ant fauna of Morocco, such as it is currently known, comprises 214 species (including 58 endemics) in 38 genera. 60 % of the species found in Morocco also occur in Algero-Tunisia and 30 % on the Iberian Peninsula. In the genus Cataglyphis, two hitherto unknown, undescribed species are reported, as well as one undescribed species and one undescribed subspecies corresponding with forms that bear "unavailable names"; one change of status, one synonymy and one new combination are also proposed. In the genus Messor, one species is acknowledged as good species and two new synonymies and one new arrangement are proposed. Moreover, two hitherto unknown species of parasitic Plagiolepis and two of Oxyopomyrmex remain to be described; the status of one species of Formica needs to be specified. The author was not able to identify one species of Technomyrmex and one of Monomorium. Investigations covered all major regions of the country (except the Western Sahara) but large mountainous areas which are difficult to access remain unexplored.