Abstract: The Philippine fauna of the ant genus Pristomyrmex Mayr, 1866 is analysed. Three species are described as new: Pristomyrmex distinguendus sp.n. from Luzon and Leyte, P. rugosus sp.n. from Leyte, and P. schoedli sp.n. from Leyte. One species, P. quadridens Wang, 2003, is recorded from the Philippines for the first time. Further unpublished records are presented for P. collinus Wang, 2003, P. longispinus Wang, 2003, P. picteti Emery, 1893, and P. punctatus (F. Smith, 1860). The genus contains 55 species world-wide. Seventeen species (= 30.9 %) are recorded from the Philippines, nine of which are endemic. An identification key to the Philippine species of Pristomyrmex is presented.