Abstract: Morphological and chorological evidence is presented that Temnothorax saxonicus (Seifert, 1995) stat.n., comb.n. should be considered as parapatric closely-related species of T. sordidulus (MÜLLER, 1923), comb.n. Two new species, T. schoedli sp.n. and T. artvinense sp.n., are described from southeastern and northeastern Turkey. Including T. melas (Espadaler, Plateaux & CASEVITZ-WEULERSSE, 1984), the T. sordidulus group comprises now a minimum of five species in Europe and Asia Minor. The morphological investigation system included 18 standardized numeric characters which were subject to a discriminant analysis. Leptothorax sordidulus var. tergestina Finzi, 1928 and Leptothorax carinthiacus Bernard, 1957 are shown to represent younger synonyms of Temnothorax sordidulus.