Abstract: Rediscovery of Formica (Coptoformica) foreli Bondroit, 1918 and first secured record of Formica (C.) pressilabris Nylander, 1846 in Austria (Hymenoptera, Fomicidae). - Records of the rare and endangered ant species Formica foreli and Formica pressilabris in Austria are presented. Formica foreli has been collected in Fließ in the Upper Inn Valley (Northern Tyrol) by Moosbrugger 60 years ago. Another population of the species was recently discovered in Northern Tyrol, near Brunau (Ötztal) in 2001. Formica pressilabris was collected at the Falvkopf near Blons (Vorarlberg) in 2002, which represents the first secured record of this species in Austria. Habitat characteristics and syntopic ant species are documented. Aspects of colony foundation of F. pressilabris and general problems of conservation of both species are discussed.