Abstract: Investigation of the variability of nest location of Coptoformica forsslundi Lohmander, 1949 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the natural protected area of "Süderlügumer Binnendünen" (Nordfriesland). - The nest dynamics of Coptoformica forsslundi are exemplified in a test quadrant of 1 hectare in size located within the wildlife sanctuary of the Süderlügum land dunes in northern Schleswig-Holstein. The number of colonies existing in the test area in 1992 increased from 48 to 135 in the year 2000. Ninety seven colonies were deserted compared to 176 newly built nest mounds. By individually marking and charting the colonies it has been determined that 25 % of the nest mounds are being deserted per year. Within a 4-year period almost all colonies have been abandoned. However at the same time, the loss has been more than compensated for by the substantial number of newly built nest mounds.