Abstract: Distribution, habitat preferences and conservation status of the sub genus Coptoformica (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Austlia. The distlibution of all species of the subgenus Coptofonnica in Austlia is listed and mapped. Four species are recorded: Fonnica exsecta Nylander, 1846, F. foreli Emery, 1909, F. bruni Kutter, 1966 and F. suecica Adlerz, 1902. Forl1lica suecica and F. foreli are new for Austlia. The occurence of a fifth species (F. pressilabris Nylander, 1846) is uncertain. Forl1lica exsecta is rela­ tively common and widespread. All other species show local occurrence and specific habitat preference. Data on the vertical distlibution of Forl1lica exsecta are presented. The conservation status of the ants is discussed.