Abstract: Hitherto 81 ant taxa had been found or were suspected to occur in South Tyrol. An additional 11 species, mainly rare social parasites, are recorded in this paper (Epimyrma kraussei, E. ravouxi, E. stumperi, Lep­ tothorax jlavicornis, L. sordidulus, L. recedens, Anergates atratulus, Tetramorium impurum, Bo­ thriomyrmex cf. menozzii, Plagiolepis xene, P. ampeloni). Other species are confirmed to occur in the area (Tapinoma ambiguum, Formica selysi), and some records and biological data are presented for a number of rare or particularly interesting species (Stenamma debile, DoronomYlmex kutteri, D. pacis, Harpagoxenus sublaevis, Chalepoxenus muellerianus, Strongylognathus testaceus, Polyergus rufescens). The number of ant species found in South Tyrol thus has increased to 92.