Abstract: My previous work demonstrated that Myrmica sabuleti Meinert, 1861 workers see their environment with perspective. The stereovision of this species, which has rather small and laterally located eyes, cannot be explained by binocular vision. In the present study I show that – under Uv light alone or yellow light alone – these ants do not perceive perspective, while under combined yellow and Uv light as well as under natural light they perfectly perceive perspective. Motion parallax is probably not the mechanism giving M. sabuleti workers depth perception. Perspective detection in these ants is also not based on visible overall length, this hasbeen experimentally checked. Therefore, I suggest that M. sabuleti workers see their environment with some perspective based on their sensitivity both to visible light (or perhaps long wavelengths) and to Uv light (or perhaps short wavelengths). This interpretation requires experimental confirmation.

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