Abstract: Four subspecies of Camponotus ants are raised to species rank viz. Camponotus claripes r. elegans Forel, 1902 to Camponotus elegans Forel, 1902; Camponotus claripes ssp. marcens Forel, 1907 to Camponotus marcens Forel, 1907; Camponotus claripes r. minima Crawley, 1922 to Camponotus minimus Crawley, 1922 and Camponotus nigroaeneus ssp. xuthus Emery, 1925 to Camponotus xuthus Emery, 1925. Camponotus claripes ssp. piperatus Wheeler, 1933 is synonymised with Camponotus claripes Mayr, 1876; and Camponotus nigroaeneus ssp. divus Forel, 1907 is synonymised with Camponotus nigroaeneus (Smith, 1858). The status of other subspecies of Camponotus claripes viz. Camponotus claripes var. inverallensis Forel, 1910, Camponotus claripes var. nudimalis Forel, 1913 and Camponotus claripes ssp. orbiculatopunctatus Viehmeyer, 1925 have not been considered here because of the scarcity of material available. Camponotus triodiae sp.n. is described for the first time. Its habitat is the arid northern South Australia.