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Bernadou, A., Galkowski, C., Le Goff, A., Fourcassié, V. & Espadaler, X.

Year: 2010


First record of Lasius paralienus Seifert, 1992 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) from France and Andorra

Journal: Myrmecological News

Volume: 13

Pages: 111-113

Type of contribution: Original Article

Supplementary material: No


Lasius paralienus Seifert, 1992 was collected for the first time in France and Andorra. The numbers of species of the subgenus Lasius s.str. known from France and Andorra are now twelve and four, respectively.

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Key words:

Ants, Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Lasius paralienus, France, Andorra.

Publisher: The Austrian Society of Entomofaunistics

ISSN: Print: 1994-4136 - Online: 1997-3500