Abstract: The infraspecific names in Crematogaster (Paracrema) modiglianii Emery, 1900 are revised on the basis of nest series samples. Those forms are represented by a single species, C. modiglianii. Crematogaster (Paracrema) modiglianii var. anamita Santschi, 1925, C. (P.) modiglianii var. anoemica Santschi, 1925, C. modiglianii var. clemensae Forel, 1910, C. modiglianii var. sarawakana Forel, 1911 and C. (P.) modiglianii var. surbeki Santschi, 1925 are synonymized under Crematogaster modiglianii. Nest series samples indicate that these infraspecific names represent morphological variation with weak geographical clines.