Abstract: A review of the Philippine species of Odontomachus treats eleven species including two unnamed species. They belong to four species groups, Odontomachus simillimus Smith, 1858 to the O. haematodus group, O. rixosus Smith, 1857 to the newly delimited O. rixosus group, and O. malignus to the newly established O. malignus group (excluded from the O. infandus group). None of these three species are endemic. The majority of species belongs to the O. infandus group, and all known species are endemic to the Philippines. These include O. infandus Smith, 1858 (= O. infandus r. striaticeps Stitz, 1925) from Luzon and Mindoro, O. philippinus Emery, 1893 sp.rev. from Panay, Negros and Siquijor, O. banksi Forel, 1910 from Luzon, and three species new to science: Odontomachus schoedli sp.n. from northern Luzon, O. alius sp.n., wide-spread in the central and eastern Philippines, and O. scifictus sp.n. from Camiguin. In addition, we treat two species (sp. 1 and sp. 2) of uncertain status from southern Luzon and Mindanao which remain unnamed. For stability of nomenclature, lectotypes are designated for O. infandus Smith, 1858, O. infandus r. striaticeps Stitz, 1925, O. papuanus st. philippinus Emery, 1893, and O. banksi Forel, 1910.