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Thompson, G.J.

Year: 2012


Bignell, D.E., Roisin, Y. Lo, N. (Eds.) 2011: Biology of termites: a modern synthesis. – Springer, Dordrecht, XIV + 576 pp.

Journal: Myrmecological News

Volume: 16

Pages: 60

Type of contribution: Book Review

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Springer, Dordrecht, Xiv + 576 pp; Hardcover, ISBN: 978-90-481-3976-7, Price: € 169.95 Graham J. Thompson, Department of Biology, University of Western Ontario, London On N6A 5B7, Canada. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Myrmecol. News 16: 60 (online 30 September 2011) Issn 1994-4136 (print), Issn 1997-3500 (online) Received 26 August 2011; accepted 27 August 2011 Evolutionary biology lends itself well to synthesis. The underlying unity of life allows separate bits of information to be drawn together like pieces of a puzzle. Famously, the merger of Mendelian genetics with Darwin's concept of natural selection during the first half of the 20th century was such a successful integration of ideas that it is still dubbed The Modern Synthesis  a timeless motto that not only reminds us of our academic forefathers, but is appropriately re-deployed whenever significant progress is made from meshing seemingly disparate ideas into a unified thesis. Such is the case with a…

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Publisher: The Austrian Society of Entomofaunistics

ISSN: Print: 1994-4136 - Online: 1997-3500