Abstract: At present eleven species of Anochetus Mayr, 1861 are known from the Philippines, including four species described as new here: Anochetus werneri sp.n. (from the island of Mindanao), A. leyticus sp.n. and A. pangantihoni sp.n. (both from the island of Leyte) belong to Brown's A. risii Forel, 1900 species group. Anochetus schoedli sp.n. (from northern Luzon) belongs to Brown's A. longifossatus Mayr, 1897 species group. Anochetus ruginotus Stitz, 1925 sp.rev. is a valid species and not a synonym of A. graeffei Mayr, 1870. An identification key to the workers of Philippine Anochetus species is added.